What might have been a typical season-opening pregame show actually looked a lot like this…


At nearly 8:30pm on September 10th, Kevin conducted the Springfield Symphony Orchestra as they kicked-off the New England Patriots Pregame with a one-minute excerpt from O Fortuna (this music commonly accompanies the team as they take the field before each game) which transitioned into a surprise collaboration with the SSO and DJ Khaled with T. Pain as they rocked Gillette Stadium with “All I Do Is Win”.

KevinRhodes-TPain During an interview on WWLP’s MassAppeal following the game Kevin said, “We got the call abut two weeks before the game from the Pats, and they said we’ve got this idea: we’re having the big opening of the season and we want to make it special somehow, so we want an orchestra – we want the Springfield Symphony; and we said all right, let’s put it together, let’s do it. But the thing was that they wanted it to be top secret – they didn’t want it to be known that an orchestra was appearing, that the Springfield Symphony was gonna be there, that T-Pain and Courtney were gonna be jamming to ‘All I Do is Win’… in sort of a big community kind of way… it was just really great to be a part of it and leading the music and the orchestra were just playing their hearts out… The 70,000 plus people in Gillette Stadium, the smoke going, the cheering, the screaming, and there we are in our little rain-protected stage doing our thing… it was just an absolute insane blast”. See the rest of the interview (and more video from the Patriots Pregame) HERE.

KevinRhodes-PeterSalerno-TPain “It was THE blast of a lifetime to conduct the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for you at the Patriots opening game, T-Pain!! You, Courtney and all your guys were SUPER to work with! Hope to do it again sometime!!” Kevin posted on T-Pain’s Facebook post about the event. (VIEW HERE)

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