Kevin RhodesI’ve got this pile of music sitting on the desk thinking, man…where do I start? It’s the stack of music I’ll be doing for the first time over the next 10 months. Ok, it’s not the first time I’m breaking the back on any of these pieces, but as any performer will tell you, there’s being able to read a piece, and there’s being able to perform a piece with many shades in between and a whole lot more as well.

After things got going in the run of “Notre Dame de Paris” I just finished in Paris, during the day I would spend some quality time with some of the new pieces when I could. I probably spent more time though, looking at some works I might do in the 15-16 season…”how about some Nielsen with that Tchaikovsky ma’am?” I would also spend some time with the big works that I’ve done before, but which are coming up this year after a hiatus of some time…OMG La Mer, Sacre, Mahler 1, Beethoven 6…what music!!!

I’ll spend time each day with both the new music and the music to review from now till it starts. The cool thing is, you’re never done learning a piece.

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