_I1A9423Here I’m going to talk about, well basically anything that feels right…anything I want. I encourage anyone who feels like it to comment on my Facebook page, where the blogs will also be posted. You can access my Facebook page through the link at the right, or share it on your wall through the share button below.

Mostly this will be about music and conducting, but occasionally it might be about something completely unrelated…Star Trek anyone? Or perhaps even some serious non-musical issues from time to time. Since this is the first time I’m doing this, I don’t really know what will come out. I’ve been given many writing assignments over the years by marketing directors, publicists, agents and others in the media business, but this is the first time I’m on my own, so to speak.

The biggest question I’m facing in writing here, is the question of to whom I’m writing. Since I’m writing to everyone, I might write one that will be full of points for non-musicians…or conversely, I might write one that focused more toward my colleagues in the business. So I welcome you to read what you like, ignore what you like etc. but hopefully come back, because if it didn’t interest you this time, maybe next time! Once again, do feel free to join any conversation on my Facebook page.

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